Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. error when doing ./gradlew clean in Android Studio Terminal. The options for the problem are ‘set DEFAULT_JVM_OPTS= “-Xmx64m” “-Xms64m”’ in gradle.bat. Even if I running this option to “-Xmx64m” or “-Xms64m”, the option Uncognized option: -xmx64 causes an error.

JDK : 11
Gradle : 7.5.1
Gradle plugin : 7.2.1

Would changing options from uppercase to lowercase cause a problem? If so, which part of the settings should I change?

Because of this I can’t even run as an emulator in vscode. This is because the vscode runs the emulator, but an Uncognized option: -xmx64 error occurs, resulting in an error that the app failed to install.

Here’s a link to see if what I posted as an issue on react native git would help. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get any help here.)

As you were told in that issue you linked, somewhere you have the option with the lower X which is invalid and thus make Java not start to run Gradle.

Check your environment variables, maybe you have JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS or GRADLE_OPTS or something similar set with that wrong option.