Copy/Sync task not copying all files because, well

Hey, I couldn’t really figure out how to word it in the topic title so…

I’m having an issue copying/syncing files when they have the same directory name but the case is different. for example:

  • src/main/java/org/example/ActiveMQ/
  • src/main/java/org/example/activemq/

I’ve tried setting the isCaseSenstive flag (even though the default it true) but it still doesn’t work.

I would love to just refactor the package names but just don’t have that option at this time.


Thought i’d attach a sample project illustrating the issue (50.6 KB)

Works perfectly fine if you are on a case-sensitive file system.
On a case-insensitive it is maybe little surprising that such a constellation makes problems.
It might make sense to better support this or not, but you should probably report this as issue if there is none yet.