Continuous build for Eclipse plugin development

Hi All, We are looking out an alternate way to improve our product build process. Basically, our product consist of eclipse plugins, each considered a separate component. You can consider it like, there is a root component, which depends on few other components, which in turn depend on other components. Hence this whole plugins(components) are packaged together and build as the product.

Each component has a dependency file that contains its direct source component and library dependencies. Now currently for the build, we have a dependency analyzer tool, that parses the dependency files one by one and creates an ant build.xml. This build script is then executed to build our product.

Now we are planning to improve our build process, as the dependency files that we use are complex and also we aim to reduce the time taken for the build. Hence we came up with the idea to use maven with the new tycho plugin. But the problem with maven is the dependencies need to be available as binaries in the repository and that we cannot checkout the dependent projects from SVN using just planin Maven.

I just want to check if Gradle can solve our problem. Also we do continuous integration with hudson and i suppose Gradle supports CI.

Suppose we have We have project A, which depends on B and C. C may also depend on D, while B depends on E. All of these may have external dependencies too.

Is it possible for me to specfify something like

project A {

dependency ‘b’ ‘

dependency ‘c’ ‘

dependency ‘d’ mavenRepository() }

Each of those dependencies B and C could have further dependencies, and each would have a build.gradle/settings.gradle so that we could check out recursively.

Kindly let me know if Gradle supports our requirement.

Thanks in Advance:-)

regards, Kovalan.