Composite failure due to same buildName?

I have the following pull request that as you can see I only added two lines to setup the included build in settings.gradle file(this breaks the build :frowning: ).

I tried this (or rather I added ‘buildName = “newName”’ to conflicting projects to build.gradle files

That didn’t work, and I also triied in settings.gradle file as well.

The two projects that conflict are

and of course these but if I solve the other one, I can use the same solution on these


What you copied from that issue is for GradleBuild tasks, not for included builds.
For included builds it is:

includeBuild('webpiecesServerBuilder/TemplateBasic/production') {
    name = 'foo'
includeBuild('webpiecesServerBuilder/TemplateBasic/development') {
    name = 'bar'
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@Vampire thank you thank you thank you!!!

OMG, this solved it!!!