Composite builds and multi-module

(las) #1

I am trying to get composite builds work in a multi-module setup.

child1 and child2 are compile dependent and not compile project dependent. Usually, child1 and child2 are built separately.

Occasionally, i want to build from parent and use composite builds to supply the dependencies.

I tried having a multi-module structure and the children don’t inherit anything from parent and can be built in isolation without parent.

I tried

gradlew --include-build …/child1 :child2:build

I got ‘included build collides with subproject of the same name’ Is there any solution for this problem?

(Stefan Oehme) #2

Can you please provide an example on GitHub? From your explanation I can’t yet tell what you are trying to do.

(las) #3

include 'child1’
include ‘child2’

apply plugin ‘java’

dependencies {
compile ‘group:child2:version’ //comes from artifactory

child1 and child2 don’t inherit any settings from parent project to be able to build in isolation.

parent project is in place to allow occasional top down builds.

I want to use composite builds like
parent>gradlew --include-build …/child2 child1:build

I am not able to do so as i am getting
’included build collides with subproject of the same name’

(Stefan Oehme) #4

You are using include and includeBuild on the same project. You need to pick one. Either child1 is a sub-project (include) or it is a standalone build (includeBuild). It can’t be both.