Composite build plugins DSL unresolved reference

I have a root project including a build from core-build sub-directory. This directory contains extension functions for PluginDependenciesSpecScope.

However, when I call such a function from plugins {} block in the root build.gradle.kts, I get the following error:

build.gradle.kts:8:5: Unresolved reference: jvm

If I use built-in buildSrc functionality, the same thing works. However, I would like to make it work by using this custom composite build.

Here is the code (Gradle v6.4.1):


buildscript {
    dependencies {

plugins {
    jvm()                 // <- Unresolved reference: jvm

settings.gradle.kts = "example"



group = "com.example"

plugins {

repositories {


import org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.PluginDependenciesSpecScope as P
fun P.jvm() = kotlin("jvm").version("1.3.72")
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Did you ever get this working? I’m facing the same problem. Android Studio shows the imports as resolving correctly and I can cmd-click to jump to the implementation, but Gradle gives an “unresolved reference” error.