Composite build dependency version failed


I’m migrating a buildSrc to composite builds because I faced

My setup is 2 projects which are multiprojects.
For each one I added a platform and a build-logic and added a nested level containing the applicative Java code
My root project includes all sub composite build (three includes for both)
My first mistake was to includeBuild build-logic outside the pluginManagement block

In Idea the model project works but when launching the bootRun task, I have

server-application:app:main: Could not find commons-lang:commons-lang:.
Required by:
project :server-application:app > project :libs:gfc-common:gfc-common-beans

it is as if the commons-lang declared inside the lib-platform composite build was trying to be substitued

I don’t really understand why
I don’t really get how to debug this kind of error :

  • is a subtitution rule missing ?
  • is composite build limitation ?
  • where to put a breakpoint during debug session …

Thank you !

I found something.
I was using inside the “libs” project a dependency as api 'commons-lang:commons-lang'
without version because the platform was applied by a custom plugin.

The scope “api” was the issue.
Don’t know why … if someone can explain it to me : how the api export this dependency without the version.
I somewhare understand it but can’t fully explained it :confused: