Composite Build Clarification with IDEA Metadata

(Dustin Chesterman) #1

The Composite Build docs around Current Limitations have the following block :

##Limitations of the current implementation include:

  • No support for included builds that have publications that don’t mirror the project default configuration. See Section 10.3.2, “Cases where composite build substitutions won’t work”.
  • No native support for composite builds in IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse Buildship. Generating IDEA metadata with gradle idea is supported.
  • Native builds are not supported. (Binary dependencies are not yet supported for native builds).

Can someone clarify what is meant by Generating IDEA metadata with gradle idea is supported.

It doesn’t seem like the metadata required for configuring the Composite Build within IntelliJ (looks like a gradle.xml file) is not generated from what I can see. Is this simply saying that the “non-Composite Build” metadata will continue to be generated as before?

(Stefan Oehme) #2

Using the gradle idea task works. Using Idea’s built-in importer does not work yet. That will be in Gradle 3.3 and Idea 2017.1.