Tasks disabled for included builds

I have two projects, first one generates source code (producer) using a description file and a custom task and the second (consumer) consumes the generated code.

I now use the composite build feature (includeBuild) to create a nice Eclipse project link between producer and consumer. Unfortunately, when I change the description file, I’m unable to generate the source code anew because the task is disabled:

Cannot run tasks for included builds

What is the reasoning behind that decision?

My current workaround is to create a Gradle run configuration to execute the task which is not affected by that restriction.

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It’s just not implemented in Gradle yet, something we will fix in Q2. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

It’s just not implemented in Gradle yet

Are you sure? Maybe we’re speaking about different uses cases here. I mean, I can run the generate task on the producer project already using a custom Gradle Task run configuration. All I have to do afterwards is to refresh the Eclipse project to make it aware of the change. It’s just Buildship that prevents me doing so in the Gradle Tasks view.

something we will fix in Q2

Is there any issue I should be watching? :slight_smile:

What you’re doing there is just running producer as if it was a separate build, ignoring the composite definition. So that’s not the same.

There is none at the moment. It is mentioned as a limitation in the user guide and we will announce the improvement in the release notes as soon as it’s done. But please feel free to open an issue.

Thanks for answering that fast! Yes, you’re right, it’s just ignoring the composite definition. I just feel a bit hindered. Nothing to worry about.