Commandline Arguments are not set for dependant tasks - SOLVED

Hi @all,

I’m writing a custom gradle plugin for gradle 4.5 via java and I having some troubles with command line parameters.
I having two tasks, where one depends from the other.

Both task should react for the same commandline option (–myparam) for that I created a parent class which extends from the DefaultTask.

 @Option(option = "myparam", description = "Option to disable", order = 1)
 Boolean myparam = false;

With setter and getter. 

In the plugin Class I did the following:

Task taskA = project.getTasks().create(.....)
Task taskB = project.getTasks().create(.....)


On the commandline I call

./gradlew taskA --myparam

I get the expected result, the value in the task is set

Same with calling ./gradlew taskB --myparam except the dependent taskA is called without the commandline value.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance.

The command-line option is only attached to the task that’s on the command-line. It’s not propagated to anything else.

If you have multiple tasks that all need to behave differently with the same parameter, you might consider using a project property instead. What does the option represent?

thanks good to know.
The parameter specifies a test / dry mode behavior, it shows the user what would happen.

I would like to have a behavior like the loglevel / stacktrace parameter, the parameter is nothing what should be persisted in a build.gradle file.

If you are talking about these properties

I can’t see how they could be set via command-line option, is this correct? Or should they be set via the first task and then read from the others?

Thank you for help.

The project properties being referenced are documented in Build Environment: Project properties.

The same properties are settable from code, environment variables,, or the command line (using -P).

Thanks for help I will try that

I managed to handle it via ExtraPropertiesExtension

all my Tasks extend from a CommonTask and this set the command line parameters to the extension.
The dependant tasks get the parameter either from the extension or from the parameter.

So thanks for help.