Com.figaf plugins approval

We published two our plugins: com.figaf.cpi-plugin and com.figaf.irt-plugin.
First of them was approved in a day but then we published another version of the plugin and it is still not approved.
The second one was initially approved in a moment. But then again - we published another version and it’s still in “Pending Approval” status.
Please approve these plugins.

Also, the question is - which factors influence on manual or automatic approvement process?
We would like to have some fix releases of our plugins immediately on the portal because it will be very non-effective to wait for a couple of days for manual approvements. Is it possible?

Update July 31
Now both plugins are approved but the question about factors which influence this process is still relevant.
Also please delete version 1.0 for CPI plugin because it was not the correct number.
One more question. Cpi-plugin still has outdated tags and description from the first publishing. Then (when we published rc versions) we changed tags and description but it is still old (there is a tag “#testtag”) which is certainly incorrect. Maybe it’s a bug of the portal.

When you first create a plugin (at least with custom maven coordinates), it needs manual approval from a Gradle team member. After this, any new version that you publish is immediately available on the portal.

As for deleting a particular version of the plugin, you can do this yourself from the plugin page. Make sure you are logged in with the user who owns the plugin, select the version from the drop-down and press the delete button.

Lastly, it is not (yet) possible to update the description or tags for a plugin. But you can request a change using the help page and a Gradle team member will hopefully be kind enough to fix it. See here for a comment about this issue.

It wasn’t like this in our case: when the first version of the plugin was already approved, one of the next versions was marked as “Pending Approval”. That’s why I asked this question. Anyway, now all versions are approved and I hope that in the future everything will be approved automatically.

I can’t delete it because one week already passed.

Thanks, I will use it and also ask for deleting version

Is it possible to fulfill my requests? I write here because nobody answers me when I use a help page form.