Classes not found by another project. (class files from third party jar)


in my build script I have some tasks, to repack third party jars to make them OSGI bundles. The build task for this multi project just runs fine, but the problem is, that Eclipse does not see those classes.


Detailed example:
If I use the de.btobastian.javacord.DiscordApi interface which is exported by the repacked javacord library in the org.cap5lut.ds.discord project, Eclipse can not find the package de and so it can not find the rest either. So auto complete will not work. But if I run gradle build everything works fine.

Currently my workaround is to just manually configure the buildpath for the project in Eclipse after I build the jar.

Where do the .class files have to be placed, that Eclipse can find them?

Regards, Florian