checkstyleMain: unable to find file

I have an issue where checkstyle can’t find the style file although it’s where it should be, verified both using Windows explorer and eclipse Navigator. Could it be an folder access probem? I started eclipse in admin mode just to test if that would make any difference (it didn’t).

Execution failed for task ‘:checkstyleMain’.
> Unable to create Root Module: config {D:\wrk_Java\Projects\isab2\config\checkstyle\checkstyle.xml}

–stacktrace gives this root failure:
Caused by: Unable to find: config/checkstyle/source_header_regex.txt

Any ideas?


Were you able to find a solution to your issues,

No unfortunately not.

Any update? I have the same issue :frowning:

No I haven’t heard anything. I had to settle with a workaround.