Checkstyle plugin dependencies


I’d like to use checkstyle on my project but i did not manage to make it work. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

I think i have a dependency issue. I don’t use a maven repo, just a simple local lib directory. This is an extract of the depencies declaration : dependencies {


findbugs files("${project.root}/lib/findbugs-2.0.2/lib/findbugs.jar")

checkstyle files("${project.root}/lib/checkstyle-5.5.jar") }

Any idea to make it work ? Thank you for your help, Nicolas

What’s ‘project.root’? I’m not aware of such a property in the Gradle API. Do you mean ‘project.rootDir’?

Yes, it is the same thing. I have compile dependencies and the above findbugs dependency thats works. I checked in the jar and i could find the CheckStyleTask. Is there something wrong with my dependency declaration ?

I assume you are akready applying the ‘checkstyle’ plugin. In that case, my best guess it that the path to the Checkstyle Jar is incorrect. Try this:

task verify << {

assert configurations.checkstyle.singleFile.isFile()


Also, which Gradle version are you using?