Checkstyle only shows one offending class at a time

When cleaning up checkstyle warnings, I want to see all of the offending classes at once. What’s happening now is the gradle checkstyle plugin short circuits at the first offending file, forcing me to do many more gradle check; vi iterations just to SEE the rest of the offending files.

Try ignoreFailures.

By default, Checkstyle should analyze all classes and generate a report with all violations. Do you have an example of where it doesn’t?

The example is proprietary, but I suspect the fact that it’s A) a multiproject and B) checkstyle is configured to fail the build, may cause one child project’s checkstyle subtask to short-circuit the other child projects’ checkstyle tasks.

OK, that’s different. For a single Checkstyle task, you’ll see all the failures (i.e., checkstyleMain analyzes all the sources in the main source set).

If you have multiple projects/multiple checkstyle tasks and you want to see the failures for all of them, you can run Gradle with --continue. Gradle won’t stop execution when a task fails and you can go back and look at the Checkstyle reports for anything that failed.