Checking Eclipse environment vars/configurations when running Gradle->Refresh all from Eclipse Gradle plugin

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We have a project which is worked by two batch of developers, one with ScalaIDE plugin and one without. Since gradle scala eclipse plugin updates .project file to use scalabuilder (build command) so I would like to know if we can in gradle script check weather the running Eclipse has ScalaIDE installed or not (as Gradle->Refresh all is triggered from within Eclipse). So that the developers without ScalaIDE will have javabuilder instead of scalabuilder. For large projects I believe this is a very useful feature. This could apply to eclipse project nature as well.

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any thoughts would be really appreciated. And if my question is vague please let me know and I will rephrase it.

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So I guess there isn’t a way to communicate with the hosting IDE (the IDE which triggers Gradle task)?

Wouldn’t this be something useful?