Changes to Gradle Downloads on 25th November 2016

(Luke Daley) #1


We will soon be making an internal change to how we serve the Gradle distributions for download. This includes Gradle Wrapper downloads.

No outage or change in quality of service is expected from this change. No change in configuration is required on your behalf.

The change will be occurring at 8am GMT on November 25th 2016.

If you experience any issues with Gradle downloads around or after this time, or if you have any questions about this change ahead of time, please let us know by replying to this post.

(Schalk Cronjé) #2

Some of my GradleTest test code currently does stuff like:

repositories {
	ivy {
		name 'Downloader for Gradle distributions'
		url ''
		resolve.dynamicMode = false
		layout 'pattern', {
			artifact '[artifact]-[revision]-[classifier].zip'

to download distributions as part of testing. Would you expect that to still work?

(Luke Daley) #3

That will continue to work, no problem.