Can't publish plugin org.asciidoctor.convert

For some odd reason I’m getting the following output in the console when attempting a release of org.asciidoctor.convert

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:asciidoctor-gradle-jvm:publishPlugins’.

Failed to post to server.
Server responded with:
The user does not have permission to create a new plugin with ID: org.asciidoctor.convert

Any ideas?

Sorry this is not working as expected. I know you just published org.asciidoctor.base, so I imagine you’re authenticated properly. Is the “convert” plugin using the same group id as the base Asciidoctor plugin?

We refactored the project from one plugin into multiple plugins. Everything is supposed to be in org.asciidoctor Maven group, but maybe the org.asciidoctor.convert plugin has an alternative base form the 1.5.x series. Any chance you can check what is shows up as in the portal’s internals?

It looks like everything is correctly under org.asciidoctor group.

It looks like org.asciidoctor.convert version was published successfully. Is this the version you hoped to publish and therefore still an issue?

The crazy thing is, I don’t see any ownership information in the DB for the org.asciidoctor.gradle.asciidoctor and org.asciidoctor.convert plugins. This seems to have (maybe) never been there, as an old backup I checked does not either. Further, looking at the code, it should not have been possible to publish new versions.

If this is still an issue, I’m going to call for backup from my co-workers. Is there any other information you can provide that would help me? Is this being published by the aalmiray user, and is this done from a personal computer or Travis CI?


Well, it depends. The last 4 versions of org.asciidoctor.convert (1.5.6, 1.5.7, 1.5.8, and are available in the Plugin Portal but not thanks to the publish-plugin Gradle plugin, but tot he Bintray publication backdoor. We published these versions using the old mechanism as a last resort.

It’s tedious but we got it to work. This is possible in the 1.5.x branch but not on the 2.x branch as there are more than 1 plugin descriptor to be found in the gradle-base project. This leaves the org.asciidoctor.convert plugin out of publication using the backdoor.

Publication is done by the aalmiray user on a personal computer.

Hey @Andres_Almiray and @Schalk_Cronje I forgot to ask whether you’d like me to adjust the permissions for this plugin on plugin portal such that you can publish again without having to go through Bintray.

The catch here is that we can only allow one Gradle account to publish each plugin/maven group.

Is that still something you’d like me to consider here? If so, please let me know what account to use. Others consider a shared account, but I recognize that’s not ideal.

Hi @eriwen, yes please, we’d like to publish org.asciidoctor.convert to the Gradle Plugin Portal. Please make sure my personal account is the one used.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You got it. I may have a follow up question, but otherwise will just pull the trigger on this since I know and trust you :slight_smile:

This is done @Andres_Almiray. You should be able to publish without using Bintray.

Feel free to follow up directly if needed.