Asciidoctor-gradle-pluging 1.5.2 could not be found

Using the plugin mechanism the latest version of asiidoctor-gradle-plugin (1.5.2) could not be found.

plugins {
     id "org.asciidoctor.gradle.asciidoctor" version "1.5.2"

Error message running gradle:

Plugin [id: 'org.asciidoctor.gradle.asciidoctor', version: '1.5.2'] was not found in any of the following sources:
  - Gradle Core Plugins (plugin is not in 'org.gradle' namespace)
- Gradle Central Plugin Repository (plugin 'org.asciidoctor.gradle.asciidoctor' has no version '1.5.2' - see for available versions)

Version 1.5.2 is available via bintray:

See and which is linked correctly on the bintray gradle-plugins repository.

It looks like the plugin id changed between v1.5.1 and v1.5.2. See

oh :wink: well, thank you for the hint!