Can't add Gradle webapp to tomcat 8.5.23 instance

Using Oxygen 1a and buildship 2.1.2.

My laptop has been reimaged, so I’m re-setting up things. My workspace was restored, but I’m finding there are still some things that I have to fix. I have a couple of gradle webapps that I had been running in Eclipse with Tomcat 8.5.11. As my Tomcat 8.5.11 distro appears to be corrupted somehow, I installed Tomcat 8.5.23, and created a new server instance for it.

I saw that the two apps were still added to the older 8.5.11 instance. I tried to add the same projects to the 8.5.23 instance, and it said “There are no resources that can be added …”. I tried removing the two apps from the older server instance, but that didn’t fix anything. I still can’t add them to the new instance.

I have “apply plugin: ‘eclipse-wtp’” in the build.gradle file for both apps.

I figured this out. I had yet to install several plugins (web developer tools, et cetera) in the new Eclipse installation.