Cannot import Gradle itself as an IDEA project

(Mark Petrovic) #1

I’m trying to import Gradle itself into IDEA to work on a minor feature enhancement. I am running IDEA v13 (build 133.370), and attempting to import Gradle HEAD as of this morning (commit at HEAD is 4e38919f788c361231a23b5d17c3f5f162f570df).

I attempt to import Gradle using File - Import Project, followed by gesturing to the top level build.gradle file. That import fails with details such as in this bug report:, which I just filed in response to the advice the IDEA screenshot gave me.

I tried following the README advice by executing “./gradlew idea”, then trying to open the .ipr file. That fails ultimately in the same way, as IDEA apparently wants to go down the File - Import Project path anyway.

Any ideas on how I can import Gradle into IDEA and work around this problem?


(Peter Niederwieser) #2

We are aware of these problems. Until they get fixed (which, from what I’ve heard, requires work on both ends), I recommend to use IDEA 12.

(Dimitar Dimitrov) #3

Peter, can you provide the Gradle and Idea issue tickets, so we can track them?

(Mark Petrovic) #4

The one I filed

which references one filed prior to mine.