Can we have instructions for setting up repo proxy for Gradle Plugins repo

Right now people are pointed to

While this is a useful starting point, this information is incomplete for people working in high security environments. In particular, after waiting couple of weeks for adding to our proxy whitelist, we realised it redirects to a different domain ( and now we need to wait again…

It would be great if there is a page on the site, detailing the setup and instructions for the repo proxy requirements:

  1. Addresses that need to be whitelisted
  2. If applicable, artifacts patterns that can be enforced (if any applicable)
  3. Recommended settings for Artifactory and Nexus (for metadata validation, timeouts, etc)
  4. Proposed init scripts

This will help a lot of people get started faster.

P.S. unrelated to Gradle, but if anybody else is trying to create a whitelisted setup, we also found that JCenter redirects to Akamai and JFrog OSS Artifactory repo.


Hi Dimitar, this is a very good suggestion. I have added it to my team’s backlog.