Can the gradle wrapper function over https?

(Eric Deandrea) #1

Will the gradle wrapper work if I have a file with a distributionUrl that points to a distribution that is hosted on https instead of http?

(Adrian Abraham) #2

My Gradle binary distribution isn’t on HTTPS, but my artifact repository is, and I think the configuration would be the same for both. I ended up importing my self-signed cert into a Java keystore called gradle.certs and adding the following to the gradlew/gradlew.bat scripts:


gradlew.bat: “\gradle.certs” “”

Up through Gradle 1.1, I didn’t need to specify the keystore password, but 1.2 bombs without it. I posted about it at , but I never got a response :frowning:

(Eric Deandrea) #3

Thanks for the reply.

We aren’t using an artifact repository (maven or otherwise) - we have a solution in place which, when gradle fires up, all of the dependencies are already there on the filesystem local to the project.

I really need to know if the wrapper supports this, not just the artifact repositories.

(Peter Niederwieser) #4

I’m not aware of any specific support. Have you tried to edit the wrapper scripts and pass along the usual system properties?

(Eric Deandrea) #5

I haven’t tried to actually see if it works over https - I thought that before I went through the trouble of setting up/finding an internal https server that I would pose the question.

(David Resnick) #6

I’ve found that Gradle wrapper in versions 1.1 and 1.5 won’t follow a redirection from http to https.

But right now the https is not available.

Eric, I was wondering, did you find that wrapper is able to work against https?

Thanks, David

(Eric Deandrea) #7

Hi David,

We are not using https. All of our communication is over http, since our gradle repository is hosted internally.