Can I retrieve dependencies from Maven repositories?

(Gradle FAQ Bot) #1

Can I use jars from my company’s in house maven repository or maven central in my Gradle projects?

(Luke Daley) #2

Yes, Gradle can read from Maven repositories and understands the pom.xml.

See this section of the chapter on dependency management in the user guide.

(Erich Schroeter) #3

as of gradle-1.0-rc-1 use the –recompile-scripts option

(Jon Austen) #4

Also, in the build.gradle , as the documentation suggests, you can add your project lib directory as a Maven dependency like so, although I suspect it copies the files into your local Maven .m2 repo? I can’t wait to actually try this :

repositories {
    flatDir {
        dirs 'lib'
    flatDir {
        dirs 'lib1', 'lib2'

(Peter Niederwieser) #5

A ‘flatDir’ repo is simply a flat directory containing artifacts that are matched by their filename. It is not in any way related to Maven.

(Jupiler Project) #6

Something that I find missing in gradle is the following: I would like to use a local directory as gradle repository, but because the flatDir repository is a bit rudimentary, I would like this local directory to be in maven format… Let me clarify:

  • I do not wish to use the .m2 directory, nor do i wish to define a repository.xml. This is the maven way. I want a concept similar to flatDir.

  • Yet maven has something very nice that gradle wisely allows to reuse. You can point gradle to a local maven repository. But again, repeat: I do not wish this to be the .m2 repository.

  • All of this works actually quite fine, except for one thing… I’m missing a utility that allows to setup a randomly chosen local directory with all the required 3rd party libs. I’ve looked at the maven dependency plugin to do this for me, but unfortunately it nearly does what I want but not exactly.

What I want to do, is perhaps something like here,, but I’m not sure if I fully understand that link. I would also need some more explanation + if the mentioned link is really it, could this be mentioned somewhere in the docs?

Best regards,

Steven G

(Hans Dockter) #7

I’m not sure if I understand your use case. It is very simple with Gradle to reuse any local Maven repository (not .m2) for retrieving dependencies and publishing artifacts. What exactly do you mean with: setup a randomly chosen local directory with all the required 3rd party libs? What is your use case here?