Can I include a TestNG TestFactory inside a gradle Test task?

I have Project A , Project B , and Project C , each one deploying a different REST API. I want to smoke test each one after it’s deployed to make sure the REST API is working correctly.

By using Rest-Assured and TestNG, I have a TestFactory that can create the neccessary tests dynamically, reading values from a json that allow me to configure each test suite accordingly. This is working in Project A locally: I have a source set for smoketests and a task that will create and run the tests.

I would like to create a gradle plugin that would allow me to simply run a task and have the tests be created and ran, without having to repeat my testing setup accross multiple projects. In other words, I want to share the smoketests accross different projects through the creation and usage of a gradle plugin.

So far I managed to run the ´TestFactory´ method through a task from the plugin, but I can’t make gradle run the tests after the classes are instantiated. Is this possible at all?

Basically I would like to do something like the following:

public class SmokeTestFactoryTask extends Test{

    private static final List<TestingParameter> testingParameters = new ArrayList<>();

    public SmokeTestFactoryTask(String region, String stage) {
        //Neccessary task configurations (I think this is where I need help) 
        //The goal would be to retrieve a List of TestingParameter from which to configure the test class.

    //The end goal is to run this factory from the List, and then have TestNG run the tests it creates
    public Object[] createGetResponseCodeTest() {