Jenkins, gradle, rest assured and TestNg

Hello everyone,
Here’s my current situation:

  1. Repo A for the rest assured framework
  2. Repo B for the test cases
  3. Repo B depends on the framework to run TestNg File
  4. Both repos are on Bitbucket
  5. Project is gradle.
    I’m trying to have an automated execution of my test cases on Jenkins.
    I started by trying to create a Batch File that will run the xml file locally on my machine. Given the fact that my framework and my test repos are in separate locations, that batch file didn’t work. I guess it needed the framework libraries from Gradle.
    Here’s the batch file i have now:

set projectLocation=C:\api_test_restassured_nickt
cd %projectLocation%
set classpath=%projectLocation%\bin;%projectLocation%\lib*
java org.testng.TestNG %projectLocation%\run.xml

I’m not so sure what i need to make this work. Any help or advise is extremely welcomed!