Cache problem in m5 when running in teamcity - pom file download corruption

We are using gradle on teamcity and have been using 0.9.2 for some time with good result. Now we are trying 1.0-m5 and are frequently getting some errors from the build. for example like: [12:02:06]: [:ci-assembler:resolveIvy] Download [12:02:06]: [:ci-assembler:resolveIvy] [Fatal Error] ci-rules-editor-ws- Content is not allowed in prolog. [12:02:06]: [:ci-assembler:resolveIvy] org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog.

When I examine the cache I see that the pom files in question have a size zero (and there .part counterpart as well). This seems to be only happening on the teamcity buildagent and not in the dev environments (running from console). The buildagents are running on win7. Any help appreciated. regards gretar

This should be fixed in 1.0-milestone-6. Can you use that instead?