Cache locking error - gradle m6

I am getting a cache lock error when running tomcat via gradle plus tests in another terminal.

We are using the tomcat plugin from here:

when it is running via “gradle tomcatRunWar”, I go to another terminal and type gradle test which tries to run an integration test.

I get this error:

Could not open cache directory /Users/pswenson/dev/sag/eda/trunk/modules/eventstore/.gradle/1.0-milestone-6/taskArtifacts. Cause: Timeout waiting to lock cache directory /Users/pswenson/dev/sag/eda/trunk/modules/eventstore/.gradle/1.0-milestone-6/taskArtifacts. It is currently in use by another Gradle instance. Owner PID: 759 Our PID: 746 Owner Operation:

Our operation:

Lock file: /Users/pswenson/dev/sag/eda/trunk/modules/eventstore/.gradle/1.0-milestone-6/taskArtifacts/


running tomcat as a dameon (tomcat run{ daemon=true }) avoids the problem.

This problem should be fixed in Milestone 7.

Could you please try with the latest M7 snapshot and let us know if it solves your problem? Thanks.