Built-in Authentication Dialog?

I’m trying to move from using the stock Ivy resolvers to using Gradle’s improved resolvers. With my old resolver (an SFTPResolver), Ivy would pop up an authentication dialog the first time Gradle needed to log in; any time after that, as long as the daemon was still running, I wouldn’t need to reauthenticate.

Now, with Gradle’s resolver, it looks like I need to specify an authentication{} block. Is there a nice built-in way to ask for authentication? If I have to do it myself, how can I cache it in the daemon so I don’t have to ask for it every time Gradle is run?

Hi Adrian,

there is no authentication dialog available in gradle. Most gradle user put there private credentials in a gradle.properties file located in ~/.gradle/. For details have a look at the according user guide section: http://gradle.org/docs/current/userguide/tutorial_this_and_that.html#sec:gradle_properties_and_system_properties

regards, René