Buildship problem in Oxygen RC2

I downloaded Eclipse Oxygen RC2 to play around with. The first thing I tried was to use Buildship to import my multi-project Gradle tree. When with import wizard gets to the “Import Preview” step the “Gradle project structure” view shows just one project (the root) and if I let it proceed I end up with just one Eclipse project in the workspace. The project is not even a Java project.

This all works fine in Neon.3.

Any ideas?

Can you reproduce the problem with a small example project that you could put on GitHub?

Not without a bunch of work, I suspect. But, strangely, I did a number of things that I’ll categorize simply as “clubbing my dev environment over the head” and was then able to successfully import the projects. So I think we can write this incident off as not reproducible, at least for now.