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(Joshua Street) #1

I have a multi-module project I am trying to better integrate with Eclipse using buildship. Buildship imports the projects just fine and after removing the java plugin from the EAR project, I am able to attempt to deploy my EAR to Websphere (liberty). The deploy never completes because I get NoClassDefFoundError exceptions due to missing Test classes.

I have not done any customization of the source sets for this project at all so all the tests are in src/test/java for each sub project that has tests. The deploy assembleis properties page for all my sub projects do not show these src folders as contributors so I have no clue how these test classes are showing up for deployment when using eclipse.

Is there a configuration step that I am missing that is not done by the eclipse-wtp plugin? I have 1.0.21 of Buildship and gradle 3.3.

(Stefan Oehme) #2

Hey Joshua,

this is most probably because the eclipse-wtp plugin includes the default output location (/bin) in the deployment assembly and both main and test sources are compiled into that folder by default. I think you can work around this by changing the output path of the test sourceset:

eclipse.classpath.file.whenMerged {
    entries.findAll { it.path.startsWith("src/test/") }*.output = "test-bin"

(Joshua Street) #3

Thanks, we may have seen the same stack overflow answers. I ran across this same solution as well.

Just to add to this, by putting the above into the build file, eclipse-wtp will configure the org.eclipse.wst.common.component file to include the those /src/test folders as separate wb-resource entries. To prevent the plugin from including your test output directories you need an additional little bit of code:

eclipse.wtp.component.file.whenMerged { wtpComponent ->
	wtpComponent.wbModuleEntries.removeAll {
		it instanceof WbResource && it.sourcePath.startsWith('/src/test')

With the above two snippets, eclipse produces an ear with no test classes

Im one step closer :slight_smile:

(Joshua Street) #4

My finalized bit of code that makes sure src/test is not in eclipse-generated ear files is below:

import org.gradle.plugins.ide.eclipse.model.WbResource

eclipse {
    classpath.file.whenMerged {
        entries.findAll {
        }*.output = 'bin-test'
    wtp.component.file.whenMerged {
        wbModuleEntries.removeAll {
            it instanceof WbResource && it.sourcePath.startsWith('/src/test')

Makes me wonder if this is something that the eclipse plugins could be doing as everyone whose doing testing and using the default java source sets will need this…

(Stefan Oehme) #5

Yes it probably should, feel free to open an issue for that on GitHub. Pull requests are also welcome :slight_smile:

(Joshua Street) #6

Issue created at the very least!