Buildship 3.1.8 is now available

We are happy to announce that Buildship 3.1.8 has just been released. The highlights of this release are the newly added editor support for the Kotlin DSL and for files. The complete change list is available here).

Incubating editor support

The Buildship project maintainers participated in the Google Summer of Code program. They mentored Nikolai Vladimirov, who successfully delivered Kotlin DSL editor support editor support. You can read Nikolai’s project summary here.

The new features are not yet production-ready and it currently does not work on Windows. Consequently, they are delivered as optional installables. You can find them in the latest update sites under the Buildship Extras - Incubating category.

Kotlin DSL editor support

If the Buildship - Kotlin DSL editor support feature is installed, you can use the Generic Editor to open gradle.kts files. The plugin contributes two extensions: syntax highlighting and a Gradle Kotlin DSL Language Server.

The syntax highlighting is done by contributing TextMate grammar to the IDE.

The language server is a fork of the kotlin-language-server project. It implements an IDE-agnostic support for kts files. It implements the Language Server Protocol by reading the Kotlin script configuration from the Gradle build and uses it to invoke the Kotlin compiler. With the language server in place, the editor can do code completion, jump to source, error markers, etc. editor support

The file editor is implemented similarly to the Kotlin DSL plugin editor plugin. It also contributes TextMate grammar to the Generic editor for syntax highlighting, and it implements a language server for providing code completion and value validation.


Buildship 3.1.8 can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace or by using the usual update sites.