Buildship 3.0 snapshots are now available

We have started working on the next major Buildship release. The highlight of this version will be a more integrated project synchronization. All problems are now presented with error markers. In addition, broken projects can be imported in the workspace too. With that, you don’t have to fix the build on the command line before importing the projects into Eclipse.

The latest snapshot release contains all of the new features. Please give it a try and tell us what do you think.


The 3.0 snapshots can be installed from the following update sites:

I’ve upgraded to this snapshot on Eclipse Photon (4.8) Milestone 5 - and so far so great! :slight_smile: The problem markers have helped me a few times already.

Incidentally the big news with M5 is that support for “test sources” has suddenly popped up throughout the Eclipse UI. This is a very welcome development. Do you expect that Buildship will integrate with this at some stage?

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll definitely check it out. The answer is a strong maybe : ) we’ll investigate what’s behind this new UI feature and integrate it with Buildship if it makes sense.

I think this would be great, this would at last solve the problem of Eclipse adding test classpath to the main classpath, which is quite problematic on some projects.
Don’t know enough about Eclipse plugins: is it possible to use this feature optionally, i.e. without making the plugin work only on Photon & subsequent releases?