"Building Java Applications Sample" fails

Hello All

I like the Building Java Applications Sample tutorial, but it doesn’t run. The problem is that it tries to install gradle-7.5.1, but tries to download it from a website that doesn’t exist:

Gradle installations for this version are available, but it’s not clear to me how to install them to satisfy this dependency.

Running on MacOS Big Sur.


The location https://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-7.5.1-bin.zip definitely exists as do many other things on the host services.gradle.org. If you are seeing this repeatedly as opposed to a one time failure, something is likely blocking it on your side.

Thanks James

It works now. But it did fail repeatedly on Thursday when I wrote this post. My best guess is that the site was down for a while.

If anyone responsible for services.gradle.org is reading this, you can use https://uptimerobot.com/ or similar sites to monitor your site for free.