Building a J2EE Connector Architecture(JCA) RAR file and packaging in ear

I have the requirement to add a JCA resource adapter to an ear file.

Since there isn’t a build it plugin for a resource, I have tried using the war plugin and then renaming the war to rar file. The ear plugin however expects a war file created for a web project. How do I get the ear plugin to add the rar file to the ear?

I was able to build the JCA Resource adapter using the following script. The application ear build script declares a dependency on the resource adapter archive. e.g

build script for resource adapter.

apply plugin: 'java'
  dependencies {
   compile project(':Project1)
   compile files('../../ProjectLibrary/lib/j2ee/1.4/j2ee-1.4.jar');
  sourceSets {
   main {
      java {
variable for the name of the resource adapter jar that will be included in rar file.
This task creates the connector jar i.e. classes for the resource adapter.
The connector jar will be included in the rar file
  task rarjar(type: Jar) {
   archiveName connectorFile
     from ('build/classes/main') {
      include '**/*'
    jar {
     // Change the archive extension so that the application ear project includes
resource adapter as a .rar file instead of .jar
     // The connector classes are packaged into the ra.jar file, they can be excluded from the rar file.
   // also suppress empty directories from being included.
     from "$"
     from "build/libs"
     include connectorFile
  jar.dependsOn rarjar