Build scan not capturing DexingTransform Task form android gradle plugin

From our android build there are significant task not captured on gradle build scan from this class:

We able to see task executed from terminal console, and chrome trace also able to capture it. This task is cacheable and seems causing us lot of trouble because of this issue

Is there plan for gradle build scan to fix this missing data?

As already said in Slack where you asked about the cache disabling, just replicating here for completeness.
That’s not a task, that’s an artifact transform.
Because of that it is not displayed as task in the build scan of course.

But of course the data about artifact transforms is missing, yes and from Gradle Enterprise Gradle Plugin User Manual | Gradle Enterprise Docs I’d say it will be supported somewhen, yes:

4th February 2021

  • Ignore Build Cache operations related to artifact transforms (This restriction will be lifted when artifact transforms are supported in build scans)
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