Build failed, forge

I am trying to set up a java project and something is wrong with my gradle. Thanks for any help!
Project im trying to set up - GitHub - zeroeightysix/KAMI at master
Error message i get - md_5 paste

You got a “read timed out” while accessing I guess either the host was down or you have some proxy or similar in between that blocks your request. I can get the URL just fine here. Check whether it works now and if not, whether you can access it from your browser.

I can access it with my browser but not in intellij. I am not using a proxy or something similair that i know of. It still does not work.

Does it work from commandline?
Just to rule out any IntelliJ specifics, though I doubt it makes a difference.
Can you provide an MCVE that is failing so that I can check whether it works here or fails too? Then we would know whether it is something specific to your local setup or not.