Best way to use Gradle to manage large testing artifacts?

We have some integration tests requiring large test artifacts. It becomes difficult to put them into the same folder. So they are organized into two CVS modules, and they are managed as a multi-subproject project using the flat include



—setting.gradle --test_reference


includeFlat 'test_reference'

So we can find the resources, folders easily within the script using project(‘test_reference’).

It does present some problems. For example, not every developers need to run the integration test. But they have to have it checked out in the correct position in order to use the gradle script although they might not need to run the integration test at all.

Is there any other way to organize this? Thank you very much.

You could put the artifacts into a Maven or Ivy repository.

Thank you very much.

We also need to manipulate some files of the artifacts. It seems harder to access an artifact in gradle script.