Best way to run unit test as integration test instead

(Sorry, I should have posted this in “Help/Discuss”. I’m not sure how it ended up in “Bugs”. I’m not aware of any way to move it.)

I have some projects with both unit tests and integration tests. I have them separated so that unit tests run as part of the regular build, and integration tests are only run by a specific “integTest” task. This is all fine.

I have another project that I didn’t write, and can’t refactor, which has a single unit test that isn’t really a unit test. I’d like to add the pieces that I put in other projects to run it as an integration test instead. I haven’t done this yet, but I think what I’ve done in other projects will only half work. I’m certain it will let me run that test as an integration test, but I don’t yet know how to make it NOT run as a unit test.

The one test is in “src/test/java”, and I’m now going to associate that with my “integTest” task (I used “src/integTest/groovy” before, and I imagine I could add “src/integTest/java” also). How do I REMOVE that directory from being considered by the default “test” task, so “test” never runs any tests?