Best way to run gradle on an airgapped machine (no internet)

I try to build the sample project (Java app) on a linux box which has no internet access (air-gapped machine) .

What’s the best way to go about it? Replicate the project on a machine with Internet and then copy all the downloaded stuff with with a thumb drive over?

In which location are the downloads saved? And does the air-gapped machine recognises the copied-in directories?

Any help is very much appreciated!

It’s probably best to build the project on a non-air-gapped machine and just copy the final distribution to the air-gapped machine.
If that is not feasible, Understanding dependency resolution might give you an idea of what you should copy over from the non-air-gapped machine and what you shouldn’t.
But also be aware that running a build does not automatically download all files that need to be downloaded for all variants of the build, so you could still miss things later on on the air-gapped machine, for example if you run other tasks than you run on the non-air-gapped machine and similar.

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Thanks @Vampire. I’m back on the Gradle train and trying this. So far it works pretty well.