Copy Gradle Cache from one computer and have it build on another

I am trying to move private dependencies from one computer to another to be built. So for example I have a gradle project on Computer A, which has access to my private repo that has access to dependencies A, B, and C. I want to build the gradle project on Computer A, then zip my .gradle cache and send the cache to Computer B. Then on Computer B I want to replace my .gradle cache with the zipped one. Then be able to still run build and run my project on Computer B which doesn’t have access to that private repo with dependencies A, B, and C.

It looks like this should be possible (I removed the *.lock and ( but I tried it with a project from github and it kept failing due to missing dependencies, I used --offline mode to make sure we weren’t downloading the artifacts. I thought this would work but perhaps I am doing something wrong. Does anyone have any thoughts?