Best practices for multiple contributors


I’ve published a plugin via my account to the gradle plugin portal.
However, I’m not the only contributor to that plugin and I’m wondering if there is a best practice approach on how to manage multiple people having access to push a new plugin release to the portal.
At the moment I would have to give away my API key, which I don’t want to do, because there seems to be no way to “regenerate” one.
I also don’t see a way to add someone to the plugin with some kind of “push” access.

One solution I can think about is transfering (aka reclaim) the plugin to an organizational account and share the API keys with the core developers.

Hi Markus,

Currently, we don’t have a good solution for this I’m afraid. I understand the reasoning against sharing API keys, but it may be helpful for you to know that I can regenerate API keys manually for the time being, and you can email me directly at to make such a request.

Another solution is to reclaim the plugin with an organizational account as you say.

I recognize this an obvious area of pain for plugin authors, and for that I’m sorry. I won’t leave you hanging too much longer I hope.