Basic build procedue using Gradle

I am very new gradle and groovy. We need to build and application using gradle (app already developed using groovy and gradle)… we get no help from develpment team on this.

How do i build it… I have gradle path set, did not set java_opts as did not know where to do it… I have to set user name and passwords for proxy in java opts. can i do that in env variables? My gradle is in c drive and my application in d drive… do i need to add anything in gradle bin from project…

Can someone reply to my query…

Hello, I recommend to check the gradle userguide.

  1. How to set up proxy settings in gradle is described in Alternativly you can set proxy settings via JAVA_OPTS as env variable. Google helps here:

  2. No you needn’t put anything of your project to the gradle bin. Again, the Gradle userguide can help you:

cheers, René