Any reason to use eclipse/idea plugins over native IDE integration?

Modern versions of Eclipse and Intellij both come with Gradle integration. That being the case, is there still any reason to use the eclipse/idea plugins instead of, or in addition to, the native IDE integration?

My org is migrating to gradle, and it’s unclear if we should include the IDE plugins in our build scripts, or if we should just have developers use modern versions of the IDE’s that come with Gradle support…

Thank you!

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The answer is somewhat different for Eclipse and IDEA:

For Eclipse Buildship, any configuration you do in the eclipse model in your build is synchronized to Eclipse. This can be very useful when you need to add additional information, e.g. project natures, builders etc. So there should never be the need to run the gradle eclipse task.

IntelliJ IDEA uses its own model that does not (or at least not fully) respect what you do in the idea plugin. So here the advice is simply: If it works with the native support, go for it! If you have to heavily customize things, run gradle idea instead.