Any plans to make shade public API?

Gradle uses it’s own shading internally and some DSL support leaks into user space (e.g. generated ShadeConfigurationAccessors.kt).

I’m wondering if there any plans to make it accessible to a broader scope?

I know that we already have ShadowJar and it’s a powerful beast. However, since 1-2 years updates are rather sparse. New features of Gradle are only implemented with huge delay if ever (it’s still has eager task materialization, build cache is only working with a few selected transformers) and it’s rather opinionated towards single fat-jar deployments (empty pom even with partial shading).
Since shading is still essential for larger projects (and I’m not convinced that Gradle metadata will ever solve the guava mess completely), it would be awesome if there was more drive behind shading from an organization with more manpower. As is, migration from larger Maven projects is very painful because of the many missing features compared to Maven shading.