Announcing Gradle Shadow Plugin (Maven Shade port)

(John Engelman) #1

Shadow is a port of the Maven Shade plugin to Gradle. It allows Gradle to create a Jar artifact containing the contents of all dependencies. Existing infrastructure from Shade is kept where possible in order to support configuration as close to the Maven syntax as possible.

  • Compatible with Gradle 1.3+

  • Apache 2.0 Licensed + Binary hosted on BinTry + Source hosted on GitHub

This is a pre-1.0 release. It is intended as a starting point for implementing similar functionality to Shade. The next few iterations will be to make Shadow much more of a ‘Gradle’ plugin rather than a port (i.e. participating more fully in the Gradle build).

Use ===

buildscript {
    repositories {
        ivy {
            url ''
    dependencies {
        classpath 'org.gradle.plugins:shadow:0.7'
    apply plugin: 'shadow'

Links ==== + Issues + Source

(Peter Walker) #2


Looks like a great start. I do have one request, would you consider adding a Gradle Wrapper to the shadow codebase?

Regards, Peter Walker COO Gradleware Inc. Phone: 914 418 4010

(John Engelman) #3