Any plan for buildship-wtp

(Nick Tan) #1

hi folks

I have a simple REST app based one Spring MVC, originally it’s managed by Maven, and with M2E and M2E-WTP, I can successfully launch the web app in Eclipse. however, after I migrate to gradle, with Buildship, it can’t.
I checked the content of worspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.wst.server.core/tmpX/wtpwebapps/, the jars are not same as generated with gradle war.
it looks to me that buildship does not work well with wtp, could you confirm this, i can provide more details if buildship is supposed to be working with wtp now.
otherwise, do you have any plan with buildship-wtp support, i saw the project on github, but looks like long time no update.

(Etienne Studer) #2

Hi Nick

We have recently announced in this forum what our plans are with respect to WTP.

Regards, Etienne

(Nick Tan) #3

Ok, just link to the announcement, [Request for feedback] WTP support coming to Buildship

will have a try with the latest 1.0.21 snapshots and feedback later.