Any plan for buildship-wtp

hi folks

I have a simple REST app based one Spring MVC, originally it’s managed by Maven, and with M2E and M2E-WTP, I can successfully launch the web app in Eclipse. however, after I migrate to gradle, with Buildship, it can’t.
I checked the content of worspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.wst.server.core/tmpX/wtpwebapps/, the jars are not same as generated with gradle war.
it looks to me that buildship does not work well with wtp, could you confirm this, i can provide more details if buildship is supposed to be working with wtp now.
otherwise, do you have any plan with buildship-wtp support, i saw the project on github, but looks like long time no update.

Hi Nick

We have recently announced in this forum what our plans are with respect to WTP.

Regards, Etienne

Ok, just link to the announcement, [Request for feedback] WTP support coming to Buildship

will have a try with the latest 1.0.21 snapshots and feedback later.