[ANN] New version of gradle-templates plugin

I’m pleased to announce a new version of my gradle-templates.

This version is the first one after moving the project to it’s new GitHub home: https://github.com/townsfolk/gradle-templates

Note that the apply scripts are no longer on Launchpad and are hosted on my own server, which means you need to change your “apply from” to: apply from: ‘http://www.tellurianring.com/projects/gradle-plugins/gradle-templates/apply.groovy

Besides the repository move, I’ve also updated the plugin to work with Gradle’s daemon mode or when the System.console isn’t available which should make it work in Cygwin as well.

Cheers, Eric Berry

Great work Eric!

I used the “Eclipse Marketplace” tool on a new copy of Juno to install the Gradle and Groovy tooling plugins, then I tried building your project on Eclipse and it does not render any of the “create” tasks that you reference in your document.

Have you tried it on Eclipse or do you only support Idea ?

Hi Jon,

The project doesn’t apply the plugin to itself. You need to add the “apply from” script to your project’s build.gradle file as described on the github home page : https://github.com/townsfolk/gradle-templates#installation

If you do this to your project’s build.gradle file, you should be able to see the “create” tasks in your IDE.

Can you document that in the README.md on your project?