[ann] Groovy plugin for Light Table with Gradle support

I’ve created a groovy plugin for Light Table. I’ve also working on providing gradle features for Light Table though this plugin.

The current release 0.0.5 adds support for executing gradle tasks for a connected project from within Light Table. The previous releaseadded support for groovy console/repl features with access to classes and 3rd party deps from a connected gradle project.

More exciting stuff to come in the next couple of releases :slight_smile:

Blogged about the Gradle integration if anyone´s interested: http://bit.ly/ltgrprt4

Version 0.0.6 http://bit.ly/ltgr006 now supports running tasks and task selectors for multiprojects. The coolest addition is the possibility to view and drilldown on your projects dependencies through an interactive dotgraph representation :slight_smile:

Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

This is shaping up to be something very interesting.