Android Studio import from github and use source code

Hi, I have the following project on Android Studio:


And I imported a project from github, also mine. I didn’t know which folder to use so I put in the following:


The Android Studio saved as this:


inside MyLibraryFromGithub, there is:


in which there are my source files, but there are other things inside MyLibraryFromGithub as well (but I’m not gonna use them for this project)

Since I cannot import directly inside /java in a way that both files would end up in the same com/myname/ folder, I need a way to ‘link’ this newly included github project. I could move MyLibrary directly in a way that I would end up with:


but I want to make use of the automatic Android Studio integration with github. I think this has something to do with ‘include’ but I couldn’t find a satisfatory way to understand it, as settings.gradle is inside app, and I need to include something inside /java/, and also there is the problem that myapp and MyLibrary need to be in the same com.myname directory.